Ngala Beach Lodge perfect

accommodation on the shores of

Lake Malawi

“You won’t want to leave.”

The quote above is one of many taken from our positive reviews on TripAdvisor (link). We are proud to receive such reviews as we strive to make Ngala Beach Lodge your “home from home” in Malawi.

The lodge is a welcoming place and radiates peace and tranquility. We offer comfortable, clean and tastefully decorated rooms and chalets, friendly personal service, great food and awe inspiring views of both the lake and the Vipya Mountains.

Ngala Beach Lodge is unique in that it offers a view of both sunrise and sunset over the water.

We invite you to learn all about our Malawian hideaway (here).

Warm greetings,

Dan & Trish


Ngala Beach Lodge

A typical day unlike any other


The country Malawi

Malawi is a long, narrow country situated in the southern part of the East African Rift Valley and lying between 9 and 17 degrees south of the equator. Its area is over 118000 km2 of which one fifth is taken up by Lake Malawi. It is land-locked, cradled by Mozambique in the east, south and southwest, with Zambia to the west and Tanzania to the north/north-east. Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest lake and the world’s ninth largest. Besides the magnificent Lake, Malawi offers visitors five National Parks and several smaller wildlife parks. Also available are: modern, comfortable hotels; varied recreational facilities and magnificent scenery including high mountain plateaus throughout the country.


While Chichewa is the national language and Chitumbuka widely spoken in the Northern Region, English is the official language of the country and the language of the commercial sector.



Topography is immensely varied and constitutes the catchment area of the Shire River, which flows from Lake Malawi to the Zambezi River. From a valley floor in the south, almost at sea level, mountains range up to 3000m. The valley and the lower hill country are fertile. The principal cities lie at elevations between 1000 and 1500m.

At Ngala Beach Lodge

we offer a selection of

adventurous and relaxing activities