About Ngala Beach Lodge

About our Lodge

About Ngala Beach: the Lodge which was formerly known as “Heidi’s Hideout” was started in the early 1980’s by Heidi (Executive rooms and part of the main lodge). She then met Peter Brandon and they acquired the property adjacent to Heidi’s (currently the dormitory and part of the main beach) where they lived and from where they managed the lodge.

In the mid 1990’s the whole property was taken over by Francois and Marco Coetzee and Craig Barlow and they changed the name to “Ngala Beach Lodge”. Marco, who was based at the property in the early days, did extensive alteration and additions to the main lodge and built the “Soggy Kwacha” beach bar. They then also acquired the adjacent property on which was built the current owner’s house and on which they built the three Deluxe cottages overlooking the main beach.


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